About our Recent Move


Sleepy Hollow Preschool was most recently located at the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale since 1998. Our thirteen year relationship had allowed our program to grow and thrive and we remain grateful to the First Presbyterian Church community for providing us a home over the last decade. We are very pleased to announce that after an exhaustive search, John Calvin Presbyterian Church (JCPC) has offered us a 10-year lease of their campus in Annandale, VA. This recent move was a significant one for us for many reasons, not the least of which is that it brings us back into the heart of the Sleepy Hollow community where we first began back in 1949. There truly is no place like home….

Our new school home at John Calvin Presbyterian Church

We had engaged in numerous discussions with the Church’s leadership body and the membership and had concluded that their campus provides us with ample space, facilities, and resources with which we can continue to offer a high-quality educational opportunity to young friends in and around this area. The Church is also pleased to welcome us as our work furthers their mission to provide shelter and guidance to young children. To read more about JCPC’s children’s ministry and their commitment to SHPS, click here. Our new lease with JCPC was approved by the JCPC Session on November 16, 2011. It was subsequently sent to the National Presbytery for final approval that we received on December 20th, 2011. We signed the new lease with the members of John Calvin Presbyterian Church on January 11th, 2012.

This page is being established so that we may welcome new friends to our new school home in Annandale along the border of Falls Church, VA. If you have questions about any of the information on this page, please direct them to Debbie Brown, Director Sleepy Hollow Preschool at dvernorbrown@hotmail.com.

Debbie Brown, Director of Sleepy Hollow Preschool with Pastor Lisa Rzepka, JCPC

move1“Finding a new home for Sleepy Hollow Preschool at John Calvin Presbyterian Church is my dream fulfilled. Our wonderful school will continue to welcome children and families in their beautiful setting! We look forward to working and playing together with new friends at John Calvin!”
- Debbie Brown

“At JCPC we believe children are uniquely gifted in sharing God’s love. Children model for adults what it means to wonder, to play, and to imagine. As a congregation desiring to follow Christ our Savior, we pledge to make JCPC a sanctuary for children and their families. As a practice of hospitality to young children and their families, JCPC is taking steps to partner with Sleepy Hollow Preschool. We hope to open our doors with a renovated play space both inside and out beginning in September of 2012.”
- Lisa Rzepka

Our New Location


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