Open Centers

Open centers are used only by the three and four year old classes, while the two year old classes are self-contained and do not participate in open centers.


The following is a listing of the open centers that are typically available at Sleepy Hollow Preschool: photo4-1_zps70c1449fActivities include: large wooden blocks, dressing-up, housekeeping center, theme play (grocery store, hospital, castle, rocket ship), writing desk and “post office”

Activities help develop: imagination, dramatic play, role-playing, self-esteem, creativity, social interaction, small and large motor development, language and vocabulary, cooperation


Activities include: painting, drawing, printing, collage Activities help develop: sense of design, color, texture, and form; self-expression; creativity; imagination; self-confidence; fine motor development; cooperation; vocabulary; languagee, sculpture, cutting, gluing, water table


Activities include: manipulative play, puzzles, small blocks, board games, photo3-4_zpsaafb8597construction toys (Lego, Marbleworks, lacing), playdough table

Activities help develop: eye/hand coordination, cooperation, fine motor development, visual discrimination, classification skills, self-confidence, language and vocabulary, computer literacy, listening skills


2b5b0fc7-0df7-43ed-9257-a8c73b27bdec_zpsaacc754aActivities include: take apart table, sand and tactile tables, woodworking center, live    animals, weighing, sorting, cooking, general science investigation, natural materials (rocks, leaves, shells), musical instruments

Activities help develop: curiosity, exploration of environment and materials, classification, comparison, observation and prediction, cooperation, small muscle development, vocabulary and language, musical exploration and appreciation


Activities include: climbing, sliding, balance beams, rocking toys, balls, hoops,

tumbling, wagons, dancing, games, big wheelActivities help develop: large muscle development, self-confidence, cooperation, imagination, release of energy and emotions, coordination, body awareness