All SHPS families participate in some manner to support our cooperative program. Most families are Full Participation members who “co-op” or volunteer in the classroom as parent-teachers. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles or primary childcare givers (i.e. nanny/au pair) may participate or co-op in the classroom. The participating adult’s job is to help the teacher supervise and support children’s play, keeping the safety of all the children your first priority. You can help with toileting and dressing, setting out materials, supporting children’s efforts to write their names on creations, helping with handwashing, and preparing for and cleaning up snack, thereby freeing the teacher for other activities. Because your full attention is needed for SHPS children, no siblings or other children may accompany you on your participation day. Cell phone use is limited to emergency calls only. Appropriate training and support are provided.


coop2Participating adults are assigned to co-op in their child’s classroom on a rotating basis. The frequency of classroom participation is determined by the age of the children, the size of the class, the number of mornings per week that the class meets, and the number of Buyouts, if any.


The amount of required participation at full classroom enrollment is approximately:

2 day, 2 year old class 8-9 times
3 day, 3 year old class 9-10 times
4 day, 4 year old class 9-10 times


coop3Sleepy Hollow’s plan for short-term substitutes ensures reliable substitutes who are familiar with our philosophy and program. In the absence of a Teacher or Assistant Teacher, a parent is called to substitute. Each co-oping adult will be scheduled as an on-call substitute at least once per year.