Instructions to Pay Tuition Online

You can use your PayPal account to “push” a personal payment to with either your linked bank account or credit card.  Please note that when paying via credit card you will incur a small fee.

Detailed instructions are below:

1. After logging in to your PayPal account, click the button “Pay or Send Money“.

2. Choose to “Send Money to Friends or Family“.  Do NOT choose the ‘Pay for Goods or Services’ link!  In that case, SHPS will refund the amount and you will need to correctly re-process a payment, incurring a PayPal processing fee and possibly a late fee!)

3. Choose a method – linked account or credit card.  If a credit card is desired, you may need to click “Show More” to have it listed as an available source.

4. Enter the recipient:

5. Enter the amount, and add a note with your child’s name, class and [IMPORTANT] specifically what the payment is for (e.g., “Joey Smith-2′s September tuition”“Susie Jones-Monday soccer”“Olivia Preston-One T-shirt”, etc.).  MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE EACH ITEM IN THE NOTE, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE PAYING FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS (e.g., “Joey Smith-2′s September tuition + Monday soccer” or “Brian & Jenna Ellis-3′s September tuition + 4′s September Tuition + Monday soccer for 2 children” +  etc.) so the Assistant Treasurer can credit your family account and the appropriate categories.